Monday, July 3, 2017

A week into the second transfer and so far it has been SO good. Elder Harris and I get along super well and we have a lot in common.

*Saying Goodbye to Jones, a great trainer*
The work is going wonderfully as well. We had 3 new investigators and a really cool potential investigator this week. Robi and Győngyi are a Romanian couple (shout out to Corinne! p.s. happy 1 year together, you're the best!) and they are incredible!We met them through our English class and they were really interested in learning more about the Church. We had a great program at their house and they asked some crazy hard, but good, questions. After our lesson, they gave us some weird Romanian snack which was basically like a bag of pre-stale Cheetos that had the texture of a packing peanut. They were surprisingly good! Our 3rd investigator is a nice bácsi (grandpa?) who lives in a nice little city called Vác.

Other notable things that happened this week worth mentioning: We saw a really cool house which ended up being a chocolate museum, we ate some really sketchy but delicious Chinese food at a little hole-in-the-wall buffet where they reheated our food in the microwave, we went to a super cool escape room with Zsolt, Marton, and Marton's girlfriend, and I got to see my MTC district again!

On my mission, I have learned that you don't have to be a missionary to do missionary work. I feel like most members, including myself, want to share the Gospel with others, but they're afraid or uncertain as to how. I wish that somebody would have pushed me to be a better missionary and to learn how to teach and share the Gospel before my mission because I've learned how easy and rewarding it can be. You don't need to go and preach door to door, but you can easily find ways in your every day life to share the Gospel with your friends and associates. You can just share simple truths and your testimony of those things which have blessed your life and which you know are true. Don't be afraid to share what you know to be right. You will never regret sharing your testimony and you will always have Heavenly help. You never know how much one simple message can change someone's life for eternity! Trust me.

Parker says "This guy turned on sprinklers"

Sok szeretettel,

Burnett Elder

P.s. Hungarian word of the week will be megrövidebbítendő which means "to be shortened", ironically.

Throwback photo:  Man, things have changed.  Here's Parker and his brother Davis in their "cool hair" phase.

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