Tuesday, June 27, 2017

We got our transfer calls this morning! We waited forever, thinking that we had been forgotten. My stomach was tied in knots as I stared into my bowl of Spar brand budget corn flakes- unable to concentrate, at the time, on my own bodily needs. The anticipation of transfer calls was a far greater risk to my health than was my starvation. Luckily, I survived both! I'm going to be staying in Pest with Elder Harris! It will be an awesome transfer!

This week was crazy. We celebrated Elder Ure's birthday at Attila and Dora's apartment and it was so much fun! They're the nicest people ever. 

Funny story- I decided to fast earlier this week (normally I wouldn't mention something like that, but it's for the sake of the story), and we had been out tracting for a few hours that day. We were on our way home to prepare for our English class that we were going to teach when we saw two young boys playing basketball at a local court. We offered them the classic "beat to teach" challenge. We destroyed them. So after we played, we sat and talked with them and I was DYING of thirst (it was ~96 degrees that day). After our little discussion, we gave them a card and headed back to the apartment. As we were headed home, we noticed that the parking lot was flooded and that there were some big sink holes everywhere. It was really weird, but there was nothing we could do about it, so we just kept on our way. We got to our apartment and headed up the stairs. Climbing those 5 flights of stairs up to our apartment was one of the hardest things I've ever done (not really, I'm just being dramatic), but I pressed forward. The only thing on my mind was the refreshing taste of a nice, cold, glass of water, which was so close. Having conquered the 5 flights of stairs, I triumphantly burst through our door and bolted to the sink. Finally, I would be relieved of the thirst that had been plaguing me in the heat! I'll never forget the feeling in my heart, and my mouth, when I turned on the faucet only to hear a depressing sputter, symbolic of my impending death by dehydration. Our water was down. I ended up drinking ~900ml of Madár tej (sugary milk) instead. Luckily, I survived. We ended up not having water for the rest of the day though and we ate dinner at the church building that night. It was a fun experience!

The very next day, there was a huge thunder storm and our power went out too! We finally had water, though it was brown at first, but now our electricity was out. We showered in the dark (it doesn't matter if the water is brown if you can't see it!) which was fun. Both Elder Jones and I suffered a bad hair day because we couldn't use our blow dryer. Wo is me! The electricity was back on later that night.

Finally this week, we had an amazing dinner of homemade lasagna and home made chocolate ice cream from some members! We finished off our transfer by having family home evening at Zsolt's house. It's been a wild ride, but there's nowhere I'd rather be!

We also got to hear from Elder Homer of the 70. He came to our church building to hold a question and answer session for young adults between the ages of 18 and 30. He had some amazing advice which I've been trying to apply. One thing that stood out to me was that he said, "Sometimes it's harder to feel your way to better behavior, but easier to behave your way to better feelings." Stick to the basics. There's a reason why the Church puts such an emphasis on them and simply put, it's because they work! I promise that as you do the basic things, you will begin to behave yourself to better feelings, and a more peaceful, happy life. I'm not saying that life will be problem free, but rather that you will grow spiritually and find comfort as you begin to better understand your relationship with our Father in Heaven and His plan for you.

Until next week, Szeretlek titeket!

Burnett Elder

Instead of a Hungarian word of the week, I'll do another culture thing. So I guess every summer, everyone decides to just have a giant yard sale, except the street is your yard and there isn't really a sale. People just throw random things that they don't want anymore into the streets. There are hundreds of junk piles EVERYWHERE and people just come and take what they want and leave the rest. I have no idea what happens to it all, but we'll see!

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