Monday, July 24, 2017

Hey everyone! Another crazy week full of surprises, miracles, and more surprises!

First of all, let's talk about some miracles that we saw this week, and one that I forgot to mention last week. This was last weeks miracle that somehow slipped my mind:

We were looking through our area book and found the name of a less active member who hadn't been to church in a really long time. We decided to go to her house and see if we could help her with anything. When we got to her house, someone answered and told us that the woman we were looking for didn't live there anymore. Anyways, a week or so passes by and Margit, a ward missionary here in Pest, calls us and tells us that she set up a lesson for us with a less active member. We were grateful for her setting up this lesson, but didn't think too much of it. During the lesson, this less active woman mentioned that lately she had been feeling like she needed to come back to church. She was really unsure and said that she would come back to church if she got a sign. That same day, her son called her and told her that two young men from the Mormon church came looking for her! Then, she went looking for a phone number that she could call, found Margit's number, and went to call it when suddenly Margit called her! Margit had been feeling like she should call this less active member and ask her how she was doing and all of this led to our little meeting! It was so cool! Such an amazing miracle. This less active member has been coming to church and she also wants us to teach her family! Let me just tell you, I felt like we were living an Ensign story.

A car blew up (admittedly random placement in this blog):

This week we also saw some really cool miracles! Yesterday, we decided to look up a former investigator who we found in the area book. On our way over to their apartment, a woman stopped us in the street and told us that she had met with Mormon missionaries almost 20 years ago! She said that she wanted to come back to church and start meeting with us again and she gave us her phone number. It was really awesome! We didn't even have to do anything but be at the right place at the right time! Then, we continued on to finish our look up. We got to the 10 story where our former investigator lived, and we rang the csengő, but nobody answered. As we were walking away, a woman called out to us from across the street. We walked over to her and she asked, "Were you ringing (her door number)? Cause that's me! I was just thinking about you guys this morning." Then we had a nice conversation and set up a time to come back and teach her and her family. What a miracle!

As far as fun things this week, we got to go to the Fina world championships (for some swimming events) and watch some preliminary matches for free, which was super fun! It was like being at the Olympics! We got to cheer on Katie Ledecky and were the only ones cheering for her, since we were pretty much the only Americans there. Anyways it was a fun and unique experience to be there.

Recently I've been studying from the Teachings of the Prophets: President Gordon B Hinckley manual and it is phenomenal. If you haven't read much from it, I highly encourage doing so. His words are so powerful and applicable to our lives. I really admire his consistent positive outlook on life. He offers great counsel on how to develop a positive lifestyle with a focus on serving others and dedicating our lives to service to the Lord. There is great strength to be found in the scriptures, and the words of modern prophets are indeed modern scriptures! I love the Gospel. It just makes so much sense. I'm so grateful for the guidance and counsel that we can find through the words of prophets of old as well as prophets in our own day! We are a blessed people with a unique privilege to live in a day when the fullness of the Gospel is restored to the Earth.

Until next week!

Burnett Elder

Hungarian word of the week is just a random word: Barack. It means apricot. Hungarians think its really funny because of Barack Obama!

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